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Short construction time


Our building elements are made from cross-laminated timber (CLT). Rapid construction time is one of the advantages of using cross-laminated timber. In Ås an 8-storey block of flats was erected in 4 weeks. In Trondheim a 9-storey building was erected in 4 weeks. A detached house is “closed” in just a few hours. This creates a building in which the interior fitting work can commence very quickly. It also means that moisture problems are reduced to a minimum.
Before we progress to the shape and thickness (strength) of the elements, and any fire and sound solutions, we undertake precise, high-quality project planning work and we have the best expertise available for finding solutions.See Teknisk Ukeblad

Complete solutions


Woodcon supplies complete solutions in cross-laminated timber and glued laminated timber. Woodcon’s services include sales, project planning, the delivery of building elements for assembly and the delivery of documented finished solutions. Woodcon normally supplies finished shells to main contractors who then complete the building work.
Woodcon is a complete supplier of quality timber solutions, operating with the following motto: Excellent wood solutions.



Cross-laminated timber is a very economic solution which is able to compete with all other building methods. Apart from providing several benefits such as a great living environment and binding CO2, it also allows for freedom of design and distinctive aesthetic qualities.



Woodcon supplies complete high-quality timber solutions for all stages of the construction process. Wood is a natural building material with excellent and unique qualities. Quality is our primary focus and we provide our customers with quality at all stages, from the products themselves to the sales, project planning, assembly and delivery processes.

CLT or cross-laminated timber is basically a simple construction, please see the figure. The product is finished at our factory so that it can be erected directly on site as a finished element with openings for windows and doors and the installation of cables and pipes, etc.

Before we progress to the shape and thickness (strength) of the elements and the fire-safety and soundproofing properties, we undertake precise, high-quality project planning work and we have the best expertise available for finding solutions.



Wood is nature’s own construction material which reproduces itself, binds CO2, creates a great living environment and is excellent from an aesthetic point of view. There is a feel good factor about being inside a wooden building! Our products are made from cross-laminated timber and glued laminated timber.


To date we have supplied timber for 8-12-storey buildings, detached houses, a radar station on Svalbard
and cowsheds. Our deliveries consist of complete timber solutions.


Woodcon has acquired top expertise throughout, both within the Woodcon organisation and through its collaboration agreement in Norway and Austria. We know logistics, we understand all about statistics, fire safety and soundproofing and are able to find the optimal solutions. On the transport front we are also working actively to find optimal environmental solutions and the deliveries we receive from Austria normally arrive by train.

When communicating with our customers our motto is to be quick and clear. We provide them with solutions quickly and we are clear about what the best solution is. We are also clear about what our customers need to do in order to obtain the best solution.

Woodcon is unique on the market since we have the expertise required for delivering a total concept. This ensures that our customers receive the best solutions and that there is just one supplier controlling all the stages involved from start to finish.

The supply chain for timber solutions can be divided into several stages. These are shown in this schematic diagram:
In principle the sales stage is simple, but at Woodcon we place considerable focus on ensuring that sales should also represent the start of securing optimal, efficient and total deliveries.

We have our own solutions experts within our organisation, but we also make use of competent partners during this process. Høyer Finseth is one of our partners in Norway, but we also make use of top expertise from Austria. Our timber products are supplied by Stora Enso in Austria. They have two factories and excellent capacity and they supply top quality, precision-engineered products.

Our own organisation is responsible for project management! Transport is also an important aspect of this process and we strive to focus on environment-friendly solutions and using trains as much as possible.Our Norwegian and foreign collaboration companies which are responsible for installation or assembly, although Woodcon is also involved in these stages and we engage in close follow-up at building sites.


We have many projects which have now been completed, but we have selected just a few of them here as examples. We can supply a complete project list for anyone who might be interested in obtaining full details.

Technical Information

Technical brochure

About Woodcon

Woodcon AS has developed gradually over a period of 5 years. It was sold on 1 June 2015 and is now run from Brumunddal. The owners are all involved in the management of the company.

Woodcon AS, with its current owners and employees, was formed in June 2015 and is located in Brumunddal.
Today Woodcon AS has its own experts who possess extensive practical and theoretical experience on timber solutions.
Woodcon is continuing to develop the activities of its parent company Massive Wood Construction which was formed in 2007. Woodcon was established in 2013 as a company specialising in CLT/cross-laminated timber solutions and glued laminated timber.

Business partners

Stora Enso is a leading European company which focuses on renewable materials based on forestry products. The value of the company’s total sales in 2014 amounted to EUR 10.2 billion and it has 27,000 employees all over the world. Stora Enso’s total production of CLT is 140,000 m3 which means that it is the largest producer in the world.  Stora Enso supplies CLT and gluelam to Woodcon AS and it is also a partner for business development and solutions.
Høyer Finseth AS is Woodcon’s collaboration partner that is responsible for architectural project planning, statistical calculations, construction drawings and general architectural advice. Høyer Finseth is one of Norway’s oldest independent consultancy engineering companies. The company was founded in 1931 and possesses extensive, sound building experience. The company also provides services such as project administration, project development, technical fire project planning, building physics, climate and energy calculations, etc. Høyer Finseth provides services for Woodcon, which include preparing building physics and technical fire solutions, statistical calculations and construction drawings, as well as technical construction assistance.
Baumgartner is an Austrian company, which has built many CLT and glued laminated timber constructions in both Austria and Norway. Their work in Norway includes the assembly of all the blocks of student flats in Ås and they are now working on montage of student flats in Trondheim. They deliver high quality at high speed. Baumgartner is a collaboration partner of Woodcon AS.
The Øystein Henriksen building company was formed in 1988 and has worked on many cross-laminated timber projects. This company built CLT homes for young people in 2005. They also built blocks of flats on Svalbard in 2007. They were a turnkey contractor for Langhus Kindergarten in 2011 and for several other projects.

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