feb. 15, 2018 Category: høyhus


In the mouth of a fjord in Lyngen, far away from any urban centre, sometimes illuminated by the northern lights, you will find a lone structure made of wood and glass Aurora Spirit, the world’s northernmost whisky distillery.
Right outside its doors, reindeer and moose are regular visitors. Inside, the distillery’s first round of arctic whisky is being aged to maturity


The name on the label? “Bivrost”.
“‘Biv’ is Norse, meaning trembling, while ‘rost’ is the Norse word for path”, manager Tor Petter W. Christensen says.
“This is what the Vikings named the aurora borealis. They thought it had to be a magical bridge connecting Midgard, the home of the humans, to Asgard, the home of the gods.”

Whereas there are multiple distilleries being established further south in Norway, Christensen and his colleagues are pretty much on their own this far north – the closest neighbouring distillery is on the island of Myken, near Mo i Rana.